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Free 5-Week Infant Massage Class Series - NE Portland

Communicate your love through nurturing touch.

10:30 am - noon, NE Portland near Kennedy School. 8/19-9/16

Why 5 weeks?

When a baby is born, the parents aren't suddenly endowed with the ability to understand their baby's curious, complex, and often frustrating behavior. Infant massage can help you learn the skills that build strong attachments. Each week we will introduce new strokes, respecting the needs of the babies in the class. Babies aren't always in the mood for a massage. You will still learn if your baby is sleepy or cranky during class, but rest assured that each week we will review strokes and concepts from earlier weeks. In between you get to practice what you've learned and come back with questions. Over the course of 5-weeks, you will learn so much more than a series of strokes. You will learn to communicate your love to your baby through touch, and adapt this ancient practice to your unique parent-child relationship.

Infant massage embodies all the ​components of bonding and developing secure attachments. During massage, you and your baby will connect through all your senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell, even taste, as your baby puts hands in his or her mouth.

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